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Personal Bespoke Hard Target training

Having some basic self defence knowledge and skills can make a positive difference to your confidence levels. However, not everyone wants to invest their time and energy into regularly attending martial arts classes. Some martial arts techniques need to be practiced thousands of times in orSelf Defenceder to ensure that they’re consistently effective.

Does that mean that your safety should be compromised?

The obvious answer is “no”.

We offer personal safety training that can be tailored to your group, business or organisation, children or adults. We will give you some very simple and effective techniques which will enable you to protect yourself should the need arise. Of course, it is easier if violence could be avoided in the first place, and we will also discuss ways in which peaceful resolutions can be achieved.

Our Hard Target unarmed combat programme has been designed to give you practical hands on skills for when everything has gone wrong and you find yourself having to deal with a dangerous hands on situation.

We will teach you up to a dozen carefully selected core techniques.

We will then teach you how to use them, to achieve maximum effect and gain a tactical advantage. Once we have practiced all of the techniques, we encourage you to keep and develop your favourite four and practice them until they become second nature.

In the worst case scenarios almost all of the techniques taught could be used at the lethal level. Therefore, strict guideline and training practices will be adhered to throughout this course.

Our self defence training is ideal for:

  • groups of females looking for basic self defence techniques and defence against sexual attack;
  • teachers wishing to learn de-escalation techniques and safe holds;
  • students moving away to University looking for some confidence that personal safety training gain give;
  • school age children in clubs or groups such as Scouts or Brownies can learn “STRANGER DANGER” and personal safety to safely “BEAT THE BULLY”;
  • shop workers who may need to defend themselves against thieves;
  • public sector workers who may have to deal with confrontation from time to time;
  • Or it may simply be a fun team building exercise for your organisation or group.