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Sho-Go Ryu Karate & IMB Jeet Kune Do

After spending the last 5 years working as an international Body Guard and trainer in advanced unarmed combat systems to Close Protection and Body Guard teams and individuals around the world.

Sensei Gavin J Richardson is back home in Liverpool and ready to teach a whole new method in Person Protection Systems.
New students will be given the opportunity to join the  Sho–Go-Ryu Karate school and learn traditional effective martial arts adapted to today’s modern world.

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Sensei Gavin J Richardson
Senior Instructor at Sho Go Ryu Karate

Sensei Gavin J Richardson

Senior Instructor at Sho Go Ryu Karate

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 Sho Go Ryu Karate

166-168 Townsend Lane Liverpool L13 9DN
Tel: 07968750094

What People Say

"To whom it may concern, As a mum of 2 teenage girls I thought it was important that they learnt some kind of self defence, Ashleigh and Charlie have been training at Gavin’s Karate class for the last 3 years. In this time I have seen dramatic improvements in both their health and attitudes. Both girls have lost weight and toned up but it’s the improvements in school that have been the most noticeable, Ashleigh has improved from Cs & Ds to A & Bs and she is now in the top sets in almost all of her subjects. Both myself and her teachers put this down the confidence and self discipline that she has gained whilst training with Gavin. I would recommend these classes and SHO GO RYU KARATE to any parent considering some sort of out of school activity for their child. Mrs P Mcguinn"

Mrs P McGuinn

"I first met and trained with Gavin over 20 year ago and we became training partners and friends for approximately five years. We lost touch for a period and during this time I tried many different martial arts and many different instructors and became frustrated with the lack of knowledge and expertise in the industry. In my search for a decent instructor and by coincidence I ended up training with Gavin's again. I have to say his skill level and expertise within this sector is now second to none. He has studied the subject in depth and has ensured that the realistic aspect together with respect, hard work, fun and enthusiasm has remained in the very heart of his training. I have the utmost respect for Gavin and admire his own self development and his understanding and patience of others to ensure they make the very best of themselves within their own ability. I have no doubt that with his people skills and management ability he will be a pleasure to work with and will have a successful company and future. I have no hesitation in recommending Gavin"

Dave Ford

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